Discover the magic of a "Yes Day!"

Discover the Magic of a ‘Yes Day’

His eyes sparkled, entire face smiled and he was radiating satisfaction from head to toe in ways I hadn’t seen ...
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Life Lessons From The Legendary Bob Proctor

There was a profound moment I remember so clearly from a year ago, on February 3, 2022. I was at ...
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Raise Your Vibrational Frequency article thumbnail.

12 Ways To Elevate Your Vibrational Frequency

Christmas is over, your shopping for others is done and the New Year is just around the corner. Now’s the ...
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10 Ways to Have More Abundance Now

Abundance isn’t something you need to sign up and wait in line for, it’s something you can have any place, ...
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Make the Most of Your “I Am” Statements

“I am” statements are some of the most powerful words on the planet because they embody your identity and can ...
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Woman sitting on sofa writing in journal

Why Your Affirmations Aren’t Working

Do you do affirmations? If so, when’s the last time you sat down and asked yourself if they’re actually working ...
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Top 5 Mindset Reset Tools That Take 5 Mins or Less

Let’s face it, some days don’t go according to plan and the stress, anxiety and frustration build. Yet, no matter ...
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Why Cast a Vision for Your Future?

Studies show that more than 70% of people have no goals. And of those that do set them, 92% don't ...
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Larisa’s Top 40 Abundance Book List

Abundance is a very large quantity of something and when it comes to you, your future and your potential, Abundance ...
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