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Do you ever feel like you have everything you want except what you really want? And you don’t get what you really want because you’re playing it safe and letting life pass you by?

Can you hear yourself saying, “when I finally save enough money, then I’ll take that vacation” or “when I retire, then I’ll finally have time to do what I really want to do” or “when I lose that weight, then I’ll train to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?”

Are others seeing your external success when deep inside, you’re unfulfilled and know you can do better? You’re stressed, overwhelmed and want life to be different. You know some of what you should do but just can’t bring yourself to make the changes you need.

Newsflash! You’re stuck in the trap of procrastination!

It’s time to STOP, because procrastination is suicide of your dreams. Consider this book your wake-up call to unlock your infinite potential and a roadmap to get you going even if you’ve been stuck for years, are too smart for your own good and feel like you’ve tried it all.

In a simple, practical way, Larisa Makuch leads you to revive your deepest desires and discover the secrets to more time, money and freedom along the way. Get ready to buckle up, enjoy the ride and say yes to a better, brighter future that lies ahead.


  • You can finally stop living your life on autopilot and start living your life with purpose, intention, focus and joy.

  • To stop procrastinating your life away, create a roadmap to your deepest desires and say yes to your most rich and fulfilling life.

  • You can show up as your best self regardless of life circumstances and reveal the secrets to more time, money and freedom you’ve been waiting for. 


Discover how to have more time, money and freedom than ever before so you can live your most rich and fulfilling life.

  • Your infinite potential so you can be, do and have anything your heart desires. (No joke!)
  • How to stop procrastinating your life away, being scattered and living on autopilot; so you can bring harmony to your life, have more money, better relationships, good health and first-class experiences with time off to actually enjoy them.
  • Your purpose, vision and goals that will bring more meaning and fulfillment to your every day.
  • Seven ways to bring clarity and create more ease, joy, flow in your life. When you do, your friends, family and bank account will thank you!
  • How to be the star of your own show. Walk, talk and act with absolute confidence (leaving guilt and hesitation at the door).
  • How to let go of excuses standing in your way and access secret superpowers to reveal effective solutions to any problem.
  • Your success mechanism to let go of your limi- tations in a snap so life can happen for you not to you..
  • A simple, repeatable formula to let go of limiting beliefs and eliminate the mental chatter in your mind.
  • How to fill your mind, body and soul with premium fuel so you wake up excited for each day and have the energy and enthusiasm to go after your dreams.
  • How to optimize your health for wealth and happiness so you can get earn more, do more have more and give more in less time and better spirit.

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