Get ready, Get set, Get your goals… and see yourself SOAR in 2024!

By admin

The new year has arrived! A few are prepared, many are not and some are in the midst of preparations.

One reason people simply don’t set goals or set ineffective ones is that they simply don’t know where to start and how to make most of the process.

Back in 2004, I worked in financial services and our branch manager called us in for a special meeting. We had no idea what she had planned. It was a goal setting workshop. It was also a eye-opening experience.

I didn’t know what I wanted. I had always been intimidated making decisions that would impact my future. I also realized this was something I needed to keep doing. Every year since, I’ve gone through a deliberate goal setting and dream stretching.

I’ve studied many other systems, so overtime, it’s evolved and become more refined.

There are four aspects to explore to lay the foundation for this process: look back, assess the now, decide what you want for your future and make a plan.

Below I’ve listed some suggested questions and instructions so you can have guidance and the process can be even more meaningful to you. Go through them and feel free to add some of your own if that resonates with you.

I’d also recommend going through this with pen and paper versus digitally. You can create a summary if you’d like once you’re complete but let the first draft flow to you and through you.

Look back

What are some wins you’ve had, milestones you hit and things you accomplished in 2023?

What goals did you not accomplish you’d like to carry forward?

What did you learn?

Your Now

What are the key areas of your life? What hats do you wear in each?

How satisfied are you in each of the different areas of your life?

Where are you aligned?

Where are you not?

What are you conveniently ignoring?

What experiential aspect of your life are you seeking at this stage?

Your Future

Dare to dream and imagine if you had unlimited time, money, energy, talent and resources, what would you want?

Reconnect to your life’s vision.

What would you love to see in each of the major areas in your life by the end of 2024?

What would you love to experience? How would you like to grow? What contribution would you like to make?

What big, juicy goal(s) would you like to set for the New Year?

What are the sprints to get to each goal?

Connect to the energy of yourself, your goals and your future self who will accomplish them.

Create a plan and get it into your calendar.

Make It Real

A dream without a plan is just a wish. taking the time to plan your future is crucial and a key step most people miss.

They just don’t get to it.

They let life get in the way.

The questions above are just a starting point. Now it’s up to you to do the work.

So, get focused, get clear, and start deliberately creating your future so you can positively impact your life and the lives of future generations across the globe.