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Are you’re stuck in the trap of procrastination?

It’s time to STOP, because procrastination is suicide of your dreams. Consider this book your wake-up call to unlock your infinite potential and a roadmap to get you going even if you’ve been stuck for years, are too smart for your own good and feel like you’ve tried it all.

In a simple, practical way, Larisa leads you to revive your deepest desires and discover the secrets to more time, money and freedom along the way. Get ready to buckle up, enjoy the ride and say yes to a better, brighter future that lies ahead.

Complimentary Strategy Session

Pinpoint where you are, what you want and what you need to do to get there. Your greatest gap is your greatest opportunity. Take advantage of this 20-min Strategy Session today and see yourself soar!

Value: $147
Your Investment: Complimentary

Growth Assessment

Pinpoint exactly where you’re holding yourself back and get a customized plan to move ahead with this science-based psychological analysis. This tool will show you how your past experiences are influencing your choices, habits and behaviors today and for the future. Walk away with recommendations to unlock your code for the next level of abundance in your life.

Your Investment: $197 + HST
Special Offer: $97 + HST

Gratitude Guide

Whether you're new to gratitude or experienced and looking to enhance your practice, this Gratitude Guide will share what gratitude is, how you can make the most of it and 16 series of exercises to guide you through a practice that uplifts all aspects of your life.

Your Investment: Complimentary!