Why Cast a Vision for Your Future?

By Larisa Makuch

Studies show that more than 70% of people have no goals. And of those that do set them, 92% don’t achieve their goals!!!

What’s the greatest reason for this? They lack clarity. They don’t have a clear vision or know the direction they are headed. They don’t know who they are and they end up living life by default instead of design.

Clarity is power

Many years ago I was at the San Francisco airport waiting to board a flight that had been delayed.

More often than not, San Francisco is covered by a thick layer of fog in the mornings that causes flight delays.

For those at the airport this fog is a mere inconvenience, as they know where they’re going, the pilot has a plan and they’ll eventually board their plane and get to their destination.

For others, this fog is a metaphor for their life. Hazy, unclear and full of a lot of uncertainty.

It’s said that clarity is power. And that’s true.

A certain level of clarity is necessary for a plane to safely take off and get to its destination.

And when you have clarity in your life, what you want from it and the direction you’re headed, you can step into a life of purpose and fulfilment.

What’s a vision?

Your life vision is the picture of your future exactly how you want it to be. This is where you decide what your expectations for success are, what you want to accomplish in all areas of life and how you want to show up.

Your vision must be created by you. While it can be influenced and inspired by others, it’s not something that can be created by others for you. It may take time to develop and will continue to evolve as you do.

The important thing is to get it started and keep coming back to it.

Why cast a vision for your future?

1. Creates meaning and purpose in your life and your every day

Meaning and purpose bring juice to your life and ultimately lead to a life of fulfilment. Ultimately human beings want to be happy, healthy and wealthy. When you cast the vision, you can do this in an authentic way to you.

2. Creates the standards you set for yourself and how you show up

Your vision will dictate the things you do, places you go and people you spend time with. It’ll help you define the standards you set for yourself. When the things you choose in your life are all aligned, an organic path will be paved for you.

3. Overcome obstacles that come your way

You can only be focused on one thing at a time. When it comes to obstacles, you can be focused om the problem or solution. When you have a vision, you’ll have something to pull you forward and encourage you to find solutions so you can continue moving in that direction.

4. Gets and keeps you focused

Let’s face it. The world is busy and full of distraction. When you have a vision, you’ll know the direction you’re headed, the standards you have for yourself and stay focused on your outcome. It’ll also be easier to say no to the things that don’t align.

Three things to consider for your life vision: be, do & have

When creating your vision, you want to consider who you want to be (your identity), what you want to do (actions and experiences) and wat you want to have (material possessions).

The clearer you get on your be, do and have in each area of your life, the more complete your vision will be.

Areas to include in your life vision

Your life vision is a comprehensive picture of you and your life as you want it to be. Make sure to identify your be, do and have in the following areas:

Health & Wellbeing

Family & Relationships

Career/Business (not money related)


Personal Development


Take your time with it

It’s important not to overthink it and write the first things that come to mind when starting. You can reassess later.

Set some time aside to do this process fully and completely. I’ve had clients take a couple hours on one day and others that have looked at one area per day over the course of a week. However you do it is up to you.

My step-by-step process

When I first attempted to create my life vision, I was frustrated and second guessed myself constantly because I didn’t know if I was on track.

I discovered a fantastic process that I’ve walked many others through with magical results.

So I created a step-by-step tutorial video AND assembled a vision casting worksheet so you can fil in the blanks.

It can’t get easier than that.

Would you like help creating your vision?

Access my FREE vision casting worksheet here. And join us for one of our upcoming LIVE Vision Casting Workshops, where you can get in-person feedback and inspiration.

Enjoy and please do let me know how the vision casting process goes for you.

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