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We help you radically expand your life so you can have a life and business you want and love.

Welcome to Abundance Academy where we empower high achieving women to dream big and go for it, while respectfully (and quickly) eliminating roadblocks standing in their way.

You’re probably here because you know you’re destined for more and something has been holding you back from achieving it. Yes?

This work is crucial to you living the life and leaving the impact you want to make in the world. We are here to cheer you on as you see your dreams becoming a reality. Check out how you can work with Team Abundance to create and cultivate a life and business you want and love while stepping into your most unstoppable, unapologetic best-self.


Strategy Session

Identify where you are, clarify where you want to go and what’s holding you back

A complimentary 30-minute session is your chance to identify where you are, clarify where you want to go, what’s holding you back from the success you desire and receive recommendations for how to best accelerate your success for the future.

Growth assessment

You're holding yourself back. Find out where and what to do about it.

Unlock your next level of abundance using Stanford University’s Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory, a science-based psychological analysis. You’ll pinpoint the negative influences in your life so you can radically shift them quickly and permanently.

Our Programs

Ultimate Breakthrough

Helping you eliminate roadblocks standing in the way of your success.

An exclusive three-month, life-changing 1:1 coaching program designed to help high achievers who are fast movers uncover the root cause of what’s been preventing them from moving ahead. Work with a science-based approach to create permanent, positive change at the unconscious level.

Abundance Accelerator

Bridge your gap between dreaming and doing to create a live and business you want and love.

Many women have the potential to be high achievers and their life and business doesn’t match the desire. You will fall in love with yourself, impress yourself and  blow your mind with what you’re truly capable of in this unique and empowering 12-month group coaching program. 

Vision EXPANSION Workshop

Learn to Create a Limitless Vision That Propels You To A Rich and Fulfilling Life

When you’re motivated to jump out of bed without an alarm clock you know in your heart and soul that your vision is on-point. Your vision is a picture of your future that produces passion and direction and it’s the first step to having a beautiful life and business you want and love. This workshop is for professional women READY for their next level of success. So whether you’re a “vision virgin” or seasoned connoisseur in this 3-hour workshop you will do a forensic deep-dive into your ultimate vision for your future.

Unstoppable You!

Dream Creator & Abundance Accelerator Workshop

This is your chance to reset and reignite the fire inside you so you can step into peace, freedom, happiness and self-fulfillment. Working with universal laws and principles of peak performance, we’ll tell you the secret to revealing your personal abundance blueprint. You’ll not only see your most unstoppable self, you’ll become her. 

Hypnotize Yourself to Success

Achieve results faster and easier than ever before

If you’re ready to boost your productivity, effectiveness, reduce resistance, increase energy, get relaxed quickly without being groggy, boost confidence and so much more, this 1-day workshop is for you. Using the process of self-hypnosis, you’ll learn to boost your focus by up to 10,000 times and create a door to the unconscious mind for ultimate self-control.

Build Confidence in Sales Bootcamp

A hands-on intensive experience to learn and implement the mindset and skills to feel at-ease in sales (even if you’re an introvert and don’t love the idea of selling). You’ll see yourself engaging in natural conversations with confidence and gusto.